SAS named as a Leader in AI-based text analytics reports by independent research firm

Unstructured text is the largest human-generated data source, offering a wealth of insights for organizations able to uncover them. SAS helps businesses capitalize on the massive amounts of text data, discovering trends and opportunities that otherwise would have been missed. As a result, SAS was named a Leader in two analyst reports, The Forrester Wave™: AI-Based Document-Focused Text Analytics Platforms, Q2 2020 and The Forrester Wave™: AI-Based People-Focused Text Analytics Platforms, Q2 2020.

“Insights from unstructured text data can create value for organizations in virtually every industry,” says Katie Tedrow, Senior Product Marketing Manager at SAS. “To make sense of it all would traditionally be a very manual and labor-intensive process. SAS Visual Text Analytics makes it easier for business users to unlock the value of their unstructured data to empower business decisions and improve customer experiences.”

Combining AI, natural language processing, machine learning and linguistic rules, SAS® Visual Text Analytics automatically extracts relationships and patterns within unstructured data, eliminating the need for manual analysis. The software helps users with sentiment analysis, trend analysis, data preparation and visualization, and hybrid modeling approaches. For example, these techniques have allowed financial institutions to improve the efficiency and efficacy of anti-money laundering (AML) investigations. By automating previously tedious tasks such as monitoring news or scanning trade documents for illicit activity, investigators can be sure they are using a consistent risk-based approach.

Both reports state, “SAS Visual Text Analytics bolsters SAS’ family of formidable analytics products. SAS Visual Text Analytics is one of [SAS’] several applications built on the SAS Viya platform where all applications share data and model management, a business intelligence (BI) and analytics GUI and other microservices, resulting in consistent UX.”

SAS recently launched COVID-19 Scientific Literature Search and Text Analysis, a free visual text analysis environment that uses AI and machine learning to quickly search tens of thousands of research articles on COVID-19 in order to deliver potentially lifesaving answers to scientists.

Über SAS:

SAS ist Marktführer im Bereich Analytics und mit drei Milliarden US-Dollar Umsatz einer der größten Softwarehersteller. Kunden weltweit setzen innovative Software und Services von SAS ein, um Daten in Wissen zu verwandeln und intelligente Geschäftsentscheidungen zu treffen. Seit 1976 verschafft SAS Kunden THE POWER TO KNOW.

Mit SAS entwickeln Unternehmen Strategien und setzen diese um, messen den eigenen Erfolg, gestalten ihre Kunden- und Lieferantenbeziehungen profitabel, steuern in Echtzeit die gesamte Organisation und erfüllen regulatorische Vorgaben.

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