Anticipate, protect and prevent using modern analytics and embedded artificial intelligence (AI) techniques.

How SAS® Delivers Fraud & Improper Payments Solutions

Safeguard your organization’s reputation and your bottom line. Stop improper payments associated with fraud, waste and abuse before they occur. Get early warning of emerging threats. And keep costs in check. SAS adds that essential layer of security intelligence protection.

Detect fraud, waste & abuse with precision

SAS takes a unique hybrid approach to surveillance, combining advanced analytics, AI and machine learning with traditional detection methods to uncover suspicious events. Our approach includes the latest advances in graph analytics, social network analysis, anomaly detection and text analytics.

Get a holistic view of your fraud risk

SAS gives you an integrated view across all channels and portfolios. Smart case management, entity link analysis, and AI and machine learning methods – such as outlier detection – reveal hidden relationships and suspicious associations among your customers, accounts and other entities across all lines of business.

Uncover new, complex fraud schemes

AI techniques, including adaptive machine learning methods and unsupervised intelligent agents, identify emerging threats and automatically suggest new rules and scenarios in real time, further reducing your risk from exposure to fraud, waste and abuse.


Unemployment Fraud Detection

Combat unemployment insurance fraud while ensuring that benefits go to the people who need them.

Why SAS® for fraud and improper payments?

Data that's consistent, accurate and timely

Take an enterprise approach to data management by bringing together cross-channel data – from all lines of business, organizational units and geographic regions – on a single platform.

Excellence in AI & predictive analytics

SAS is the leader in predictive analytics, with a market share twice that of our nearest competitor. We take an advanced approach to complex fraud challenges, delivering security intelligence solutions embedded with multiple AI technologies. 

Better customer experience

With predictive alert analytics, you can automate decisions and prioritize investigative efforts. And our patented signature approach lets you simultaneously monitor multiple accounts belonging to the same customer for fewer false positives.

Flexible implementation

A common technology foundation and modular security intelligence solutions let you quickly deploy robust analytics for a quicker time to value. Multiple deployment options minimize your capital investment, simplify IT operations, and get you up and running fast.