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Transforming a world of data into a world of intelligence requires
knowledge and courage. We want to empower and inspire you to
renew the public sector with the most trusted analytics.

Get inspiration and knowledge on how to develop an intelligent and
competent welfare state based on data and analytics.

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The strategic financial management of the police

New competences and new strategic financial management is changing the Danish police, allowing them to work more precisely and efficiently. 
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Explore how agencies can invest in technologies to help unlock insights hidden in data 
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Governments are turning to analytics to improve efficiency, lower costs and make better decisions.
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Global leader in seafood data

The Norwegian Seafood Council gives Norwegian fish exporters a competitive edge.
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Trends and best practices in detecting and preventing procurement fraud.
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As fraudsters innovate and scale up, fraud prevention and investigation become more challenging. Analytics can be used to fight the problem.
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National Board of Social Services

Visualization provides one version of the truth

In only eight days, The National Board of Social Services revitalized the data bank that provides an overview of social services on its website.
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Analytics can - and is making - a significant impact in the way governments make decisions.
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Better procurement overview in Bergen Municipality

The results includes better price control and an increased contract loyalty.
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1 unified system provides insights for 800 managers

Aarhus Municipality has merged three public departments with their own data management approach. 
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Advances in high-performance analytics have given government agencies new power to tackle tax cheat
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A focus on purchasing optimization yields excellent results

SAS Spend Analysis provides Odense Municipality with a quick and detailed overview of the organization’s purchases.
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Most organizations are failing to head off inside threats because they are being handled ad hoc.
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Governments can identify trends and patterns and obtain all sorts of new insights by using analytics with open data.
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Lasse Skydstofte

Finacial crime and fraud can be prevented through the use of AI and algorithms that can find noncompliant behaviour and stop it before revenues are lost.
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Lasse Skydstofte

It is possible to achieve efficiency gains of up to 25% measured in terms of how many lawbreakers are exposed by a targeted monitoring effort.
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Christopher Broxe

Why is procurement fraud so important to fight and act on?
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Henrik Ernlund Pedersen

Our experiences have taught us how to use data to protect society's most vulnerable. Their needs mostly involve several public sector systems. 
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Helge Roseboe

Government fraud defrauds the public, but how can we fight it more efficiently? Are fraud numbers too small to even matter?
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Mads Krogh

Will we trust AI enough to realise its full potential?

Analytics can help us to understand both what customers want and their response to engagement efforts. This follows for public sector organisations too
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White Paper - Improving the State of Affairs With Analytics

Is your organization constrained in using data efficiently?

Learn from real-life examples how Analytics has helped governments use data to improve the lives of their citizens.
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Spend analysis


Data management and analytics can help minimize procurement fraud and optimize spending.
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Data Visualization Visual Analytics


Text is the largest human-generated data source - but how can your organization use it to produce valurable insights and drive improvements?
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Tax agencies can get ahead of the game by detecting fraud and protecting revenue with the help of advanced and predictive analytics.
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