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Big Data and real-time business analytics are buzzwords that every business manager has heard and perhaps even made decisions about within the organization. But few organizations have actually implemented a strategy for Big Data – and even fewer are seeing full execution of this strategy within the organization. Consequently, many decision makers have yet to reap the benefits that Big Data Analytics can bring to the decision making process.

For some this is a source of worry or frustration, since most companies that have worked seriously with business analytics are fully aware that the ability to executive on data-driven decision making is the key to a number of performance improvements, including improved time-to-market, product innovation through the utilization of data insights and cost reductions related to the creation of on-going analysis, for example within risk assessment.

Businesses lack a Big Data Analytics strategy
A SAS Institute survey among data management professionals showed that only 12 percent of businesses have a Big Data strategy and execution model in place. But this minority of companies is poised to harvest significant competitive advantages.

The lack of Big Data Analytics capabilities in the majority of companies do not stem from a lack of data: Companies are collecting and storing more data than ever before from a variety of internal and external sources. But analysis of the data tends to be project-driven and performed on data selected and extracted from internal systems, such as an ERP-system, specifically to shed light on a certain problem. This approach tends to result in hindsight information stored in the form of reports. It does not give corporations the continual, data-driven decision making culture which many recognize as a key component to gaining competitive advantage through Big Data.

The challenge for companies lies in aligning people, technology, processes and culture towards a so-called analytical factory approach, in which all decisions are shaped by facts and all relevant conclusions from data analysis are available to anyone who needs them, when they need them.

Reaping more analytic benefit from your existing systems
Thanks to a new strategic partnership between SAP and SAS Institute, business decision makers can take one large step closer towards continual, data-driven decisions and the transformation toward an integrated, strategic Big Data approach to business.

All over the world, corporations with a global outlook have recognizes SAP as the most efficient platform for handling complex, multisite and transnational data. Many of the same companies have relied on the business analytics capabilities of SAS Institute to gain insight from data, often within specific business functions such quality management, supply chain management and after-market-services for the private sector and fraud detection and economic forecasting for the public sector.

The benefits of both become fully realized with the newest SAP HANA platform: Here, it becomes possible to integrate SAS’ analytical software fully into the SAP HANA ERP system. Why is this important for the acceleration of Big Data Analytics? Because this integration results in three major benefits:

Reduced Data Movement
The integration means that data movement is reduced drastically. By processing data directly in the system in which the data resides, there are significant reduction in the processing time and a large reduction in the risk of data corruption, which can be a problem when data exists in multiple copies across systems. In-system data analytics ensures data security compliance.

Massive Performance Boost
By keeping data within the memory cache instead of storing the information in a database, which is made possible by in-memory parallel processing of analytic workloads, transaction times are greatly reduced. Analyses which took days to complete are reduced to hours or even minutes.

A Simplified IT Landscape
With the integration of SAS’ analytical software into SAP HANA, the complexity of the IT landscape is reduced by ensuring that both analytical and transactional data processing takes place within a single data storage unit.
Together, these improvements present both competitive advantage in terms of time-to-market and strengthened strategic decision making power for more people across the organization, as well as the potential for significant savings in terms of man-power and processing time.


Accelerating the Real-Time Enterprise

SAP, a SAS Partner

Organizations are constantly seeking more effective ways to make decisions. They are relying increasingly on facts derived from a variety of data assets. But difficulties arise when data volumes grow ever larger and there are hundreds or thousands of decisions to make each day.


Combining the power of the SAP HANA platform with SAS advanced analytics applications is the first wave of innovation we plan to deliver to our joint customers.

Bill McDermott, Chief Executive Officer, SAP AG

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