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IDC names SAS a Major Player in Worldwide Smart City Business Analytics Software

With solutions that help city leaders use analytics to make their cities run more efficiently, SAS earns analyst recognition in 2015

Graphic showing SAS ranking as Major Player in Smart City Business Analytics Software

Customer focus, data visualization key reasons why SAS ranks high on list

The concept of a "smart city" is becoming more and more prevalent, with cities recognizing that analytics and business intelligence can be integral to running a municipality more efficiently. According to IDC, analytics can affect everything from intelligent operations centers to smart water meters -- basically anything that collects data to be analyzed in an effort to improve processes.

And since analytics is becoming an essential tool for cities, IDC considers it important to name the top vendors who provide business intelligence and analytics software specifically designed for this type of work. SAS was ranked as a Major Player in IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Smart City Business Analytics Software 2015 Vendor Assessment (IDC #GI259502).

In its report, IDC says that SAS offerings "allow government agencies to address large volumes of data," and SAS® in-memory analytics technology "provides for exceptionally quick data processing speeds."

As a company that already has a stronghold in analytics, SAS also earned accolades for its partnership with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) via their joint ICMA Insights offering.

IDC also cited SAS technology that encompasses big data analytics and the Internet of Things to help city leaders make better decisions. One example is the Town of Cary's Aquastar portal that uses SAS Visual Analytics to manage data from smart water meters.



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SAS has begun to implement a number of innovative IoT-enabled Smart City deployments in the water management space. In addition, SAS corporate has a keen interest in, and focus on, the open data movement that is increasingly prominent in larger global municipalities.


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