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Free Teaching Materials

Everything you need to teach a SAS® course at the undergraduate or graduate level – absolutely free.  

Building a class from scratch can be challenging. We make it easy by providing free teaching materials, developed by experts – whether you're teaching introductory statistics or a graduate-level course in quantitative analysis.

Why use SAS teaching materials?

  • High-quality content. All our course materials are developed by industry-leading experts in statistics and analytics, and content is updated regularly so you'll always be teaching with the latest information and technology advancements.
  • Student engagement. When you combine our teaching materials with our software, you provide students with valuable, hands-on experience with the software and concepts that they will encounter in the job market.
  • Time savings. Our teaching materials include course notes, presentations and data sets that are ready for you to use. You'll have all the tools you need to easily teach SAS and the core concepts around statistics and analytics, so you can spend your time teaching, not putting together a curriculum and creating classroom materials.
  • Flexibility. You can use our teaching materials just as they are, or customize them to suit your needs. The choice is yours.
SAS is available in most of the Fortune 1000 companies. When the students go out, it gives them instant credibility. They can hit the ground running. Goutam Chakraborty, PhD Professor of Marketing Oklahoma State University

Available Topics

  • Data Management
  • Data Mining
  • Data Science
  • Forecasting & Econometrics
  • High-Performance Analytics
  • JMP® Statistical Analysis
  • Optimization & Simulation
  • Programming
  • SAS® Enterprise Guide®
  • SAS® Visual Analytics
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Text Analytics

How do I request teaching materials from SAS?

  1. Select the "request free teaching materials" link below. 
  2. You will be prompted to sign in to your SAS Profile (or create one, if you don't already have one). 
    Please note: The email address associated with your SAS Profile must match your university domain. If it does not, you will need to set up a new SAS Profile using your university email address. 
  3. Complete and submit the teaching materials request form, accept the Terms & Conditions, and your requested materials will be available for immediate download. It's that easy!

Request free teaching materials

Featured Teaching Materials

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Advanced Business Analytics

The Advanced Business Analytics course is designed to be taught at the undergraduate or graduate level during a 15-week semester. The course comprises three hours of lecture per week plus a weekly lab. Teaching materials include corporate case studies and hands-on exercises to demonstrate the concepts presented.

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