How SAS® Is Used in Education

Get accurate student projections to increase percent of students in more rigorous coursework – and identify at-risk students earlier – by using analytics to better understand student potential and trajectory.

Understand the impact of teachers and schools on student learning by reflecting on student growth across all students and various groups of students.

Translate data into information for educators to better understand students’ needs, challenges and opportunities.

Ensure transparency of funding levels to public schools to improve decision making and policy choices of public school finance.

Featured Customer | Guilford County Schools, NC

Guilford County Schools in North Carolina is using SAS to measure teacher effectiveness, resulting in a much greater percentage of students passing state-mandated tests.

We've been able to show significant increases in the percentage of students who are passing the elementary reading, math and high school subject tests in 97% of our program schools. We've had increases of 47% in some schools for certain courses. We've also decreased teacher attrition from 36% to as low as 10.7%. Amy Holcombe Executive Director of Talent Development Guilford County Schools

Guilford County Schools Facts & Figures


schools with huge increases in students passing state-mandated tests


reduction in teacher attrition rate in some schools


increase in passing rate in some schools for certain courses

Other Education Organizations Working Smarter With SAS®

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