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Ved årets SAS Forum den 9. oktober er det lykkedes os at få udviklingschefen for al SAS BI-software, Vice President Stuart Nisbet, til at holde to keynote-præsentationer. Stuart har ansvar for 229 SAS-softwareudviklere og overordnet ansvar for mange SAS-produkter: SAS Display Manager, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Visual Analytics, ODS Graphics, SAS Studio, SAS Enterprise BI Server m.fl.

Læse mere om Stuart og hans to keynotes nedenfor.

Stuart Nisbet

Stuart Nisbet, Vice President, Business Intelligence Research & Development

Stuart Nisbet is Vice President, Business Intelligence Research & Development at SAS Institute. He has been with SAS Institute since 1987. In his current role, he manages a team that expands across the world in the development of SAS Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics Suite of products, mobile application development, statistical and business graphics, device drivers, reusable component libraries for all SAS solutions and the SAS Output Delivery System.

SAS Forum Key Note 1

SAS Visual Analytics: Reporting, exploration, and statistical modelling for the masses

Ease of use belies the technical depth

SAS Visual Analytics has stormed onto the market over the past three years and provided a 100% web-based interface to SAS’ reporting and data visualization offering. Most recently, the Visual Statistics module was added to the suite bringing the same point-and-click interface to advanced statistical modelling. The same industry-leading In-memory data served up by the LASR analytic server can be used for reporting, advanced data visualization, exploration, and statistical modelling without ever leaving a consistently engineered interface. Please join us for a discussion and demonstration of the latest advances in in-memory analysis and reporting.

SAS Forum Key Note 2

Programming in SAS: Web, Windows, whatever you’d like

Many choices, and none are bad

I love programming. Moreover, I love programming in SAS®. If you’re like me, you’ve tried several different interfaces and approaches to SAS programming, and each one has benefits and specific purposes that make it the right choice in the right situation. Just like the incredible flexibility of the SAS language, the choices of SAS programming interfaces are equally flexible. A text editor and batch job submission is raw and powerful. At the other end of the spectrum, SAS® Enterprise Guide® is even more powerful, and it leads and teaches along the way.The new zero-client, web-based interface, SAS® Studio, makes SAS programming accessible from an airport kiosk or mobile tablet and provides much of the SAS Enterprise Guide user assistance. Of course, the SAS® Display Manager isn’t going away, either! There has never been a better time to be a SAS programmer. Let’s take a walk through the evolution of SAS programming interfaces and glimpse into what the future holds for us all, SAS programmers.

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