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No other seafood players have access to as much data on the global seafood market as Norwegians do. The Norwegian Seafood Council makes sure of that. It uses SAS® Visual Analytics to give Norwegian fish exporters a competitive advantage.

- With offices and markets all over the world, we are constantly on the go, says Jan Ståle Lauritzen, Data Warehouse Manager at the Norwegian Seafood Council. At the same time, we need constant access to data. This was fairly cumbersome and complex until we got SAS Visual Analytics in 2013. Data are perishable, and immediate access and visual presentation enable our customers to use the data immediately. No other seafood players have access to as much insight into the global seafood market as Norwegian exporters do.

Norwegian fish has never been in greater demand, and thanks to Visual Analytics, this is illustrated better than ever.
Jan Ståle Lauritzen

Jan Ståle Lauritzen
Data Warehouse Manager
Norwegian Seafood Council

Huge amounts of data available

The Norwegian Seafood Council works to increase the value and reputation of Norwegian seafood. Every year, 500 marketing projects are conducted in at least 25 different markets. The Council's customers are Norwegian seafood players such as fish exporters and the authorities.

- We compile the statistics and give exporters decision-making tools relating to price, product, trends and needs in the countries where they want to establish a presence,” says Lauritzen.

Information at a detailed level

In SAS Visual Analytics over 500 users can access trade statistics from 54 countries, consumer studies from 31 countries and consumer figures from 15 countries.

- In the fight for consumers this is an amazing competitive advantage,” says Lauritzen. For example, an exporter wishing to establish a presence in France can go into the database and discover how often the French eat seafood, why they choose seafood, in which occasions they go looking for fish, which seafood they prefer and what products they purchase. This allows the exporter to tailor the product, sales strategy and pricing to the market they are entering.

The Norwegian Seafood Council's head office in Tromsø receives around 3,000 requests for market information every year.

- Norwegian fish has never been in greater demand, and thanks to Visual Analytics, this is illustrated better than ever.

Sensitive market insight

The Norwegian Seafood Council employs around 17 people to work on analysis and reporting on a daily basis. The analysis department has recently set up a new database to give businesses access to sensitive market statistics, including an overview of their own market shares and a comparison of their prices with those of competitors.

- Customers can compare themselves to other exporters in terms of both price and share of the market. This is sensitive information that must not be available to anyone but the customer. We also use SAS software to manage the strict security regime in these solutions.

Long SAS history

Jan Ståle Lauritzen has worked with SAS tools since 1987. The Norwegian Seafood Council has used SAS technology since 1991 and incorporated analysis functionality as early as 1997. It has since considerably expanded both the database and its use of advanced analysis. Lauritzen has been a key figure in building up the Council's insight:

- Since we started compiling consumer data in 2010, we have worked on expanding SAS's BI platform. In 2013, we invested in SAS Visual Analytics. We have now gathered what we refer to as consumer, trade and opinion statistics into a single tool.

Last year they also invested time and energy in a fully automated uploading system for source data.

- We are saving time that we previously spent on routine work, and can focus more on analysis that makes a difference to our customers.

About the Norwegian Seafood Council

The Norwegian Seafood Council was established in 1991 and works together with the Norwegian fisheries and aquaculture industry to develop markets for Norwegian seafood. The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries is the sole shareholder of the Norwegian Seafood Council. Seafood is one of Norway´s most important export industries with 74,5 MRD NOK export value to 143 countries (2015). In volume, 2, 6 millions of tons of Norwegian seafood.

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Would you like to read more about the Norwegian Seafood Council and their use of SAS® Visual Analytics? Check out their presentation paper from SAS Global Forum 2016.

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