SAS® 9.4

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SAS® 9.4

Enable, simplify and innovate.



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Simplified, yet sophisticated.

The SAS® 9.4 platform has something for everyone. High-performance analytics. The ability to deploy in cloud environments. Standardized data management. It's more of what you need. And more of what you’ve come to expect from SAS.


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Get up and running faster than ever. The unified SAS 9.4 platform reduces the time required to install, manage and maintain SAS deployments.

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Simplify the user experience – from deployment, to administration, to one-to-one user interaction. Remove technology and skill barriers, so everyone can gain analytic insights from all relevant data.

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Apply discoveries and insights to solve problems and drive innovation. The SAS 9.4 platform takes advantage of distributed computing and storage technologies, and open standards. Arm developers with new programming languages that deliver SAS analytics directly to the data – no matter where it resides.

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Gain ultimate flexibility in how you deploy SAS. With the SAS 9.4 platform, you can install solutions on-site. Or have SAS host the deployment. Or deploy SAS in a private or public cloud environment. It's your choice.



Business Executives



Identify opportunities, and find your own answers – fast. And empower others to do the same. Interact directly with visualizations to refine your analysis, and dive into data more deeply to illuminate insights and opportunities. A wide range of report delivery options, including mobile, gives you access to powerful analytics and reporting no matter where you are.



IT Experts



Lower your risk with a platform that's easier to install and manage. And it’s more secure. We eliminated the complexity of integration with external software and provided built-in redundancy of critical server components. It’s more resilient – designed to keep running when things go bump in the night. And on-demand cloud offerings give you more options for deploying analytics.



SAS Administrators



Monitor and address performance concerns before your users are even aware of them. You can easily look into the overall performance and health of the individual servers you manage. And gain insights into the usage patterns of SAS workloads.



SAS Developers



High-performance procedures and tools give you the power to extract value from all your data. And SAS programming has never been easier thanks to SAS Studio, a browser-based development environment. It’s also easier to develop and score analytical models. New APIs, programming languages and distributed processing offer rapid data manipulation, enhanced security and faster analytics.

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