Omnichannel excellence
in post-pandemic uncertainty

Local business breakfast that connects experts from all over Central Europe

September 21, 2021 


A unique connection between the local scene and the countries of the Visegrad Four on the topic of lead management, personalization and data.

Take advantage of personal meetings with your peers and at the same time look beneath the surface of the burning topics they are solving in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland.

Regardless of the industry, we represent the pandemic has taught us that we need to be prepared to adapt the way we’re driving our businesses to rapidly changing circumstances. The are no rules which are static. There’s only one caveat – the situation was in will not last long and change without further notice. This makes our efforts to shape customer relationships even more challenging than ever. In order to overcome this companies need to go above their typical procedural boundaries and silos. Instead, they need to focus on delivering omnichannel excellence to seamlessly shape their marketing, sales, customer care, and others as a single, endless journey.

We invite you to a unique professional breakfast that will connect the local view and the view of representatives from the countries of Central Europe. Do not miss the local panel discussion and the discussion of representatives of important institutions of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland through a live panel discussion.

Local discussion topic:

  • We are all now digital thanks to the pandemic - but how will clients react to the opening of the physical world?
  • Everything happened so fast - according to research, 45% of clients left after the first bad experience - how fast can you identify and correct a bad experience? What are you doing to keep it from happening at all?
  • We have a lead - but how can you take care of it in the long run? How do you connect the experience from individual channels?
  • Great competition - before the pandemic, who was the first to win. Everyone is digital now. How will the offer develop further?
  • Are your proven pre-pandemic models valid? - How fast are you able to revise and modify models, or deploy new ones?
  • Have you tried MVP yet? - How is the deployment of similar projects that will bring a change in communication and building relationships with clients? How do you manage to implement an idea - think big, start small?

Central Europe panel discussion topic:

  • The pandemic has moved our customers rapidly towards the digital channels. For many companies, this boosted their digital transformation in an unprecedented way. Is this trend still valid within your organization? Did some people return to their traditional behavioral patterns over time? Do you act on preventing this and how?
  • Lead management: digital engagement means lots of competitive offers at one’s fingertips. Have you experienced increased fragility in new relationships? Did you change your approach to lead nurturing and how?
  • We’re all in data-driven reality but what data should we trust now. Do you consider your pre-pandemic data still relevant?
  • Currently, customer loyalty is even more valuable than it has been before. Has this become an enabler of any new customer care activities you launched?

During the conference, you’ll learn how SAS can help in managing your leads in a world full of highly competitive offers at one’s fingertips. You’ll also learn how to leverage rapidly changing data and turn them into meaningful and hyper-personalized communication.







Important information: Your safety and health are our number one priority. Therefore, the capacity is limited to only 25 guests. Please register as soon as possible. If you find out after registration that you cannot participate, please let us know immediately so that we can offer your place to other interested parties.

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