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Data drives everything. Make sure it’s right.

SAS Data Management 提供一個包含解決方案、工具、方法論與工作流程的環境,讓企業可將資料當做重要資產來管理,進而推動核心作業程序和策略性決策。SAS Data Management 是 SAS Business Analytics Framework 的一部分,可協助企業完全利用所有傳入的資料,以發掘隱藏的見解及提升競爭優勢。高效能、可擴充的解決方案可確保組織順利完成要求最嚴格的資料整合和資料管理專案。


"SAS gave us a data warehouse that could consolidate our information. It had the analytical strength for sophisticated modeling, and it had a good reporting system with graphics that can be viewed via Web-based dashboards."



"Within a month of installing SAS, we achieved what we were after. And with a match rate of nearly 90 percent, we can now present this number to reinsurers with greater accuracy and confidence."

Açoreana Seguros

"We achieved our goal of having customer data that is more accurate, complete and reliable with a tool that is easier to use."

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