SAS, Teradata analytic superheroes crunch data, save millions

Deep data divers recount true tales of analytic exploits – turning big data into big value  

Data scientists and database specialists are unleashing eye-popping computational exploits, revealing analytic insights that have saved or earned millions. And they're being celebrated as the superheroes they are – with custom illustrations from a renowned comic book artist and a personalized action figure celebrating their success. These champions wield market-leading technologies from Teradata, (NYSE: TDC), the data solutions leader focused on big data analytics and data warehousing, and SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services. 

The serious fun began last month when partners SAS and Teradata launched the League of Analytic Superheroes – a talent search for best-of-the-best individuals, teams and companies who are masters of integrating analytic solutions from SAS and Teradata to produce earth-shattering insights and tangible business value.   

The first two analytic superheroes will be unmasked at SAS® Global Forum in Orlando, FL (April 22-25). The leader of the illustrious League of Analytic Superheroes, Dr. Insight, who has been teasing the industry through his blog and other social media efforts, will be revealed at the event, along with the league's first statistical star – whose superpowers include agility, speed and prediction. Working for a large, Washington, DC-based organization and charting ever-changing seas of information, the hero applied predictive insights to quickly deliver useful information, resulting in superhero-sized savings for his federal employer and many US citizens. He achieved these breakthrough results running SAS on a very large Teradata Active Data Warehouse. The details – and his true identity – will be revealed in a special ceremony on Monday, April 23 at the SAS Global Forum. The program continues throughout the year, as analytic superheroes are designated based on applications from industries worldwide. 

“Analytic superheroes is our creative way to recognize innovators doing amazing things. We honor high-achievers in big data analytics, having fun in the process,” said Rob Berman, Vice President of Teradata Alliances and Partnerships. “While analytics is a serious practice involving skills in technology, math and business, those attaining proficiency in this important arena are signing up, and say they like the program’s sporting approach.”     

SAS and Teradata are harnessing multiple communication channels to inspire their customers to recognize superheroes within their ranks and encourage them to apply. The Analytic Superheroes site is seeing heavy traffic and receiving submissions from analytic specialists from all over the globe. 

"The superhero initiative from SAS and Teradata serves an educational purpose – raising awareness of the powerful potential of data-driven analytics. Our world is drowning in data, but thirsty for actionable information," said Diego Klabjan, PhD, Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences and Director of the Master of Science in Analytics at Northwestern University. "This program may catch the interest of college students considering a career in analytics, a field experiencing a shortage of talent." Klabjan said Northwestern University's Master of Science in Analytics program is one of the first of its kind, designed to prepare students to meet the global demand for data analytics practitioners.

As the superheroes program gains momentum, SAS and Teradata will build out a League of Analytic Superheroes and publish its successes in graphic novels, news releases, magazine articles and social media. SAS and Teradata will recognize data experts and their businesses – remarkable individuals whose analytic insights may have "saved the world from complexity and chaos on the dark side of big data."

"With cutting-edge companies hotly pursuing analytic technology and expertise, it is fitting to publicly recognize individuals leading the charge using SAS and Teradata – and promote their compelling stories," said Scott VanValkenburgh, SAS Senior Director of Alliances. "The impact of these analytic standouts is economically significant. These are indeed analytic superheroes, changing the world for the good by producing innovation and insight that improves organizational performance." 

Analytic professionals and data scientists using SAS and Teradata who are interested in the program can apply on the Analytic Superheroes website. SAS and Teradata associates may also nominate analysts. Each nomination is reviewed by an expert panel. Nominees may be designated elite analytic superheroes by quantitatively reporting efforts to advance real-world business objectives – and thus defeat "the forces of chaos." Superheroes will be immortalized in various ways, and may apply to join the International Institute for Analytics

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