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In this webinar series, we share experiences with the use of data visualization. The webinars are planned to last 30 minutes each and are inspired by a Nordic context on specific themes related to issues in a department, a role, an industry, or in any combination. Also, here you find webcasts of recently held webinars.

Please let us know if you have a specific idea for a theme to address.
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The webinars are held in English and are hosted by SAS Institute, Nordic Center of Excellence, Visual Analytics.


Data-visualization used in a telecom company

19 November at 09:00-09:30

A walk-through of different Visual Analytics Use Cases in the area of telecommunication. During the webinar we will look at how data-visualization can address challenges facing companies within the telecom industry. We will look at how network departments can create their own KPIs, and the product managers a way to evaluate how profitable their products are. 

Jacob Mardfelt, Business advisor, Nordic Business Unit - Communications

The webinar is no longer available for registration. Click the orange button to see the latest webcast.


On SAS® Visual Analytics

Reports and data-based knowledge are now in demand by a larger part of the organization. At the same time, the request for timeliness and volume of data increases. A good way of meeting these challenges is to use data visualization.

Data visualization is recognized as a far more intelligible way to see patterns and relationships.

SAS Visual Analytics makes it possible to publish dynamic reports as a BI self service, easily compiled via 'point and click'. This allows everyone across the organization to access, visually explore, analyze, and share comments on trends and knowledge from data.

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