Decision Manager

SAS® Decision Manager

Control and automate decisions to streamline operations

On a typical day, organizations make countless decisions that can affect everything from profitability to customer satisfaction.

Some of these decisions are significant and have an immediate impact. But even smaller, day-to-day actions can alter the trajectory of a business. That's why it's important to make decisions that are accurate, timely and consistent.

SAS Decision Manager enables you to do just that. With its intuitive interface and seamless integration into existing operational processes, SAS Decision Manager helps you manage data, business rules, analytical models and optimization techniques – all on a single platform.

By making more automated decisions, you can:

  • Achieve compliance with government or industry regulations.
  • Determine reasonable price points – and avoid discounts that may prove unprofitable.
  • Identify clients who qualify for special programs.
  • Streamline manufacturing processes so your business functions more efficiently.


Facilitates better collaboration across the enterprise.

SAS Decision Manager provides a consistent interface that eliminates the need to log into different tools – and employs metadata to link sources of information – for better access to information across the enterprise.

Accelerates the decision life cycle.

A consistent interface eliminates the need to log into different tools and enables users to access important business information for faster, more accurate decisions.

Enables better compliance with industry regulations.

SAS Decision Manager delivers automated processes for repeatable, traceable decisions, making it easier to meet industry regulations.

Enforces internal rules and policies.

By automating decisions through the use of business rules and decision flows, you can consistently maintain and enforce internal guidelines.



Decision Manager
  • Decision flow management combines analytics with business rules for more precise decisions
  • SAS Business Rules Manager implements rule logic and organizes rule sets and rule flows
  • SAS Model Manager accesses SAS analytical model information for use within decision flows

  • Data management and impact analysis are supported
  • Analytics supports rule authoring, rule testing and decision flow testing
  • Deployment options provide more flexibility and control

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