SAS Ontology Management

SAS® Ontology Management

Manage semantically related content systematically and consistently to get more value from organizational knowledge

SAS Ontology Management defines and manages semantic terms that can be used to organize and process content from different systems, silos and repositories across your organization. By creating ontologies that are centrally managed, you can examine content through a sophisticated, informed lens – maximizing content value.


Obtain a unified view of term and content relationships.

Use an intuitive interface to see unlimited numbers of structured relationship hierarchies. Knowing these relationships helps you readily identify meaningful, associated topics.

Get more value from your enterprise content.

Define and centrally manage semantic terms and associated metadata to depict hierarchical relationships based on common definitions and rules. Specifications are automatically applied to all types of documents and text repositories for consistency.

Determine relevance through hidden relationships.

Relate seemingly unrelated documents and content repositories using semantic terms and attributes. An easy-to-use interface helps you identify semantic terms and automatically discern conceptual relationships for better answers to complex queries.

Maintain quality control and trace changes made over time.

Use queries to flexibly investigate ontologies, and then edit, augment or replace them with new specifications, attributes or instances. Save, share and collaborate on ontology projects. Authorized administrators control access and changes, and event logs record all actions.



SAS Ontology Management
  • Identifies relationships between document repositories
  • Integrates with other systems and existing definitions
  • Builds subject-matter expertise into search, query and retrieval activities


  • Supports advanced browsing and enhanced data editing
  • Enables collaborative ontology management and development

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