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Many of the challenges to master data management (MDM) are organizational and collaborative issues—not technical ones. Luckily, many of MDM's challenges can be remedied by a well-designed and mature program for data governance (DG). In fact, MDM can suffer without DG's processes for collaboration, stewardship, and change management. DG programs are usually founded on a strong mandate, which it can share with MDM to provide much-needed executive sponsorship and a business case. Furthermore, an MDM program won't get far without ample collaboration, and a mature DG program is inherently collaborative, providing processes for cross-functional cooperation and coordination with other data disciplines, especially data integration and quality. DG's collaborative process can help get MDM past many roadblocks. There are good technology and business reasons why master data management needs data governance. This TDWI Checklist Report drills into seven of these reasons as well as use cases and organizational situations where DG and MDM work well together.

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