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Scenario: AIX 5.3 environment with WebSphere 6.1

Migration of the SAS 9.1.3 platform environment to SAS 9.2 requires careful and deliberate planning, which includes a migration process to introduce SAS 9.2 into your computing environment. Ideally, you should configure SAS 9.2 on different physical servers from your 9.1.3 environment to ensure your existing production environment remains stable and available. However, if additional hardware is not available, you can configure SAS 9.2 on the same machine(s) that are running SAS 9.1.3. It is also possible to utilize virtualization technologies to simulate the use of different hardware. This paper provides an example of how virtualization can be used to support migration to SAS 9.2 on the same hardware that is running SAS 9.1.3

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