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Every day, organizations struggle to wade through the vast amounts of data they have accumulated. In order to turn their data warehouses from repositories to sources of information, they are using data mining to build models, predict trends and discover patterns. But much can go wrong in the data mining process, even for trained professionals.

During this complimentary M2010 pre-conference Webinar, Professor of Statistics, Richard DeVeaux, will use case studies from a range of industries and situations to illustrate the potential dangers and mistakes that can frustrate problem-solving and discovery -- and that can unnecessarily waste resources.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone currently doing analytics for their organization.

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M2010 keynote speaker, Dick DeVeaux is Professor of Statistics at Williams College. He holds degrees in Civil Engineering (B.S.E. Princeton), Mathematics (A.B. Princeton), Dance Education (M.A. Stanford) and Statistics (Ph.D., Stanford), where he studied with Persi Diaconis.

Before Williams, Dick taught at the Wharton School and the Engineering School at Princeton. He has won numerous teaching awards including a "Lifetime Award for Dedication and Excellence in Teaching" from the Engineering Council at Princeton. He has won both the Wilcoxon and Shewell (twice) awards from the American Society for Quality and was elected a fellow of the ASA in 1998. In 2006-2007 he was the William R. Kenan Jr. Visiting Professor for Distinguished Teaching at Princeton University. In 2008 he was named the Mosteller Statistician of the Year by the Boston Chapter of the American Statistical Association.

Dick has been a consultant for over 25 years for such Fortune 500 companies as Hewlett-Packard, Alcoa, American Express, Bank One, GlaxoSmithKline, Dupont, Pillsbury, Rohm and Haas, Ernst and Young, SanofiPasteur and General Electric. He holds two U.S. patents and is the author of more than 30 refereed journal articles. He is the co-author, with Paul Velleman and David Bock, of the critically acclaimed textbooks "Intro Stats", "Stats: Modeling the World" and "Stats: Data and Models" and with Norean Sharpe and Paul Velleman of the recently published book, "Business Statistics".

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