Who should attend?

This Webinar is appropriate for anyone involved in the creation, review or utilization of forecasts: demand planners and forecast analysts who generate forecasts; managers in sales, marketing, finance and operations; and executives who oversee the forecasting and planning functions.

Why you shouldn't miss this Webinar

Organizations spend too much time and money searching for a magic formula for the perfect forecast, yet they still get bad forecasts. Does it have to be this way? 

There is nothing magic about the forecasting process, and there’s no such thing as the perfect forecast. But you can achieve better accuracy and forecasting process efficiency by improving the “forecastability” of your demand patterns – and by employing certain fundamental and proven practices.

This Webinar shows how Forecast Value Added (FVA) analysis is being employed at major corporations to identify and eliminate waste in the forecasting process, streamline their forecasting efforts, reduce costs and achieve the best results possible given the nature of their demand patterns.

Attend this Webinar and learn how to:

  • Assess the "forecastability" of your demand, establish accuracy expectations and set appropriate forecasting performance goals.
  • Gather the data necessary for conducting Forecast Value Added (FVA) analysis.
  • Interpret FVA results and communicate results to management.
  • Identify and eliminate forecasting process waste – those activities that fail to improve the forecast.

The big picture

The ability to predict effectively is a key component of the platform for SAS® Business Analytics, which: 

  • Provides an effective infrastructure for managing the growing appetite for intelligence.
  • Helps you derive more value from existing technology and information assets.
  • Proactively informs future direction.
  • Supports sustainable growth of your organization through innovative use of technology and information.


Mike Gilliland photoMichael Gilliland, Product Marketing Manager, SAS
Mike Gilliland has worked in consumer products forecasting for more than 20 years in the food, electronics and apparel industries, and serves on the Advisory Board of the Institute of Business Forecasting. He wrote a quarterly column on "Worst Practices in Business Forecasting" for Supply Chain Forecasting Digest and has published in Supply Chain Management Review, Journal of Business Forecasting, Foresight: The International Journal of Applied Forecasting, and APICS magazine. 

Gilliland holds master's degrees in philosophy and mathematical sciences from Johns Hopkins University. His new book is The Business Forecasting Deal: Exposing Myths, Eliminating Bad Practices, Providing Practical Solutions, and you can follow his blog The Business Forecasting Deal at blogs.sas.com/forecasting.

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