Harnessing deep customer insight for banks is challenging for many reasons – customer information in many forms stored in many places; privacy and security issues; and flat bank IT budgets, to name a few. But in this new economy, superior customer intelligence will provide a huge competitive edge.

In this webinar sponsored by SAS, and moderated by Penny Crosman, Executive Editor of Bank Systems & Technology, our panel of experts provide insight into the extent to which banks are currently engaged in customer analytics projects -- including in-depth results from a recent survey of BS&T's readers -- and how banks can overcome the obstacles to this form of business intelligence. In their discussion, they address:

  • How to get customer data under control.
  • Why some banks are investing in customer analytics software.
  • Which types of metrics and tools are most effective at predicting customer behavior and improving the effectiveness of marketing initiatives.

Featured Presenters

  • Penny Crosman, Executive Editor, Bank Systems & Technology
  • Edward Garry, Vice President of Global CRM Strategy and Training at BNY Mellon
  • David M. Wallace, Global Financial Services Industry Marketing Manager, SAS

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