The economic downturn's profound impact on the supply chain has affected every industry. Supply has surpassed demand, with more inventory and equipment sitting idle longer. In this environment, what important tactics can be put in place to protect your company's bottom line?

Join our experts to discuss demand-driven practices that improve forecasting, create new ways to stimulate consumer activity and use better technology to streamline processes. 

Key Points

This on-demand webcast explores:

Better Processes for Demand Planning
How can you integrate customer and other upstream data for optimal organization performance?

Ways to Optimize Forecasting 
How can you use intelligence from more data sources to successfully predict demand?

The Shift from Reactive to Proactive Planning 
How can forecasters sense not only historical demand, but also influencing factors that drive demand?

The Role of Technology
How can technology provide an accurate, predictive view of the supply chain to support better decision making?

Featured Speakers

Lora Cecere
Partner, Altimeter Group

Don Reid 
Director of Forecasting and Demand Planning, MillerCoors

Kevin Nitz
Manager of Corporate Forecasting, MillerCoors

Charlie Chase
Business Enablement Manager, Manufacturing & Global Supply Chain Practice, SAS

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