Discover how your organization can prepare for the smart grid – and capitalize on the influx of data that's coming with it – by making analytics an integral part of your system design, testing and implementation and a foundation of your forecasting methodology.

Our expert panel cover real-world industry scenarios and discuss how SAS® Analytics and forecasting solutions enables you to maximize your investment in smart grid technology.

You'll learn how to:

  • Capitalize on massive volumes of new data to augment forecasting and quickly adjust to changing conditions.
  • Prove to regulatory bodies your organization's ability to effectively manage smart grid technology and fund new investment.
  • Create what-if scenarios that factor in weather, population trends, economics and risk for short-, mid- and long-term planning.
  • Implement solutions that go well beyond traditional econometrics and time series (ETS) software.
  • Integrate SAS Analytics and forecasting solutions into your existing forecasting methodology.

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