For manufacturers, the past 18 months have been a blur of recessionary challenges, political shifts and technological advancements. You are left to wonder, "Can we pause for a moment and determine what steps to take next?"

Join our experts as they make key predictions about legislative, regulatory and technological changes that will have major implications about the decisions you make to prepare your manufacturing business for the future. 

Key topics

  1. US congressional elections
    How will the 2010 elections – and the legislative outcome around key issues like energy taxes – affect the manufacturing industry?

  2. The Obama administration
    How will potential changes to key regulatory issues influence the decisions you make?

  3. Technology advancements
    How can you prepare for – and profit from – emerging technologies?

  4. Global manufacturing trends
    Which forces will affect technology spending and the use of IT for key planning and execution initiatives?

  5. Data integration and analytics
    Why will these technologies grow more important, and what kind of advantage will they give you?

Featured speakers

John Engler John Engler
President and CEO
National Association of Manufacturers




Rob Parker Bob Parker
Vice President of Research
IDC Manufacturing Insights




Michael Newkirk

Michael Newkirk
Global Marketing Manager for Manufacturing



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