Tune into this Webcast to hear how you can use analytics to turn historical data captured in your transactional systems into the predictive insights you need to proactively optimize your supply chain – from demand planning to production and distribution.

Discussion topics 

  • The current state of supply chains – A traditional emphasis on operational efficiency vs. optimization.
  • Transactional system challenges – The need for better forecasts and why traditional planning systems are not sufficient.
  • Analytics as the next wave – Why supply chain leaders are shifting their focus to analytics to improve forecasts, demand planning, production and distribution. 
  • Bypassing pitfalls – How companies can now integrate planning and analytic capabilities and use them together. 


  • Frode Huse Gjendem, Senior Executive, Supply Chain Management, Accenture
  • Can Dogan, Senior Executive, Supply Chain Management, Accenture
  • Nancy Bremmer, SAP Global Practice Leader, SAS

These experts will share real-world examples and results based on:

  • Company case studies. How have leading companies used analytics to enhance their traditional systems? What are the results?
  • Accenture Research Report: Supply Chain Mastery. What are the characteristics of supply chain masters? What kind of competitive advantage do they hold?

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