Today, the average household has 5.7 connected devices that are generating data. From the refrigerator to the bathroom scale to mobile devices, all are supplying a vast array and variety of data that can fundamentally improve the way in which providers interact with subscribers. This world of connected devices provides an incredible opportunity for communications service providers (CSP) and their partners for enterprise, including SMBs and consumers.

View this on-demand webinar to hear how you can use the influx of data from the Internet of Things (IoT) to serve enterprise or consumer markets and improve subscriber loyalty, revenue and customer satisfaction.

Our experts discuss how these constantly connected devices are creating data fidelity and analytics latency challenges – and options for innovative data and analytics architectures.

Key points

We discuss how new technologies and capabilities are allowing CSPs to:

  • Rapidly decide on the most beneficial interactions with subscribers.
  • Empower agile new strategies for big data analytics that include Hadoop, in-memory analytics and event stream processing.
  • Deliver personalized experiences.
  • Improve ROI with real-time marketing and advertising, content recommendations, network reliability and optimization, and proactive churn and up-sell strategies.


Scott Chastain

Scott Chastain

Engineering Manager
SAS Americas Technology Practice

Chastain has helped some of the most recognized global organizations address challenges ranging from structured real-time data integration and analytics to highly unstructured data and operational systems automation. He is responsible for empowering the SAS Americas Sales and Technical groups in the application of architecture, strategy and implementation of SAS® Business Analytics infrastructure.

Prior to joining SAS, Chastain worked in the manufacturing, telecommunications and health care industries. He holds multiple United States patents for his innovative approach to technology application.

Hem Desai

Hem Desai

SAS Communication, Content and Entertainment Practice

Desai works primarily with communications customers on using big data analytical solutions to solve new problems or improve the results of existing problems. He also helps shape infrastructure strategy and implementation.

Prior to SAS, Desai worked for a management consulting firm helping companies with strategic, financial and operational issues, and spent six years in various roles at AT&T. He is known for creative, technology-enabled tactics that have bottom-line impact and long-term strategic value.



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