Crystal ball on the blink? Need more power to explain the past and predict the future –without looking to the stars?

Tune in to hear what SAS econometric evangelist Kenneth Sanford has to share about the recent changes to the SAS/ETS® portfolio.  SAS® programmers from beginner to advanced will enjoy this SAS talk – no psychic skills needed! 

What we'll cover:

  • The use of Bayesian regression tools for price elasticity modeling.
  • How state-space models can help gain insight from inconsistent time series.
  • Using panel data methods to help control for unobserved confounding effects.
  • What's new in SAS/ETS 13.2.

Featured Speaker

Kenneth Sanford, PhD
SAS Econometric Evangelist

Kenneth Sanford is a Senior Research Statistician in Advanced Analytics R&D and an econometric evangelist at SAS. He is responsible for helping to integrate the advanced analytical procedures being created by the development team into SAS' business solutions. Sanford joined SAS after working for a large private consulting firm and holding faculty positions at the University of Cincinnati and Middle Tennessee State University. His work on optimal pricing has been published in the Southern Economic Journal and the Journal of Sports Economics. He holds a PhD in economics from the University of Kentucky.


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