Traditionally, law enforcement agencies have used SAS® and Memex® solutions for counterterrorism and intel management purposes. Today these solutions have evolved to address associated challenges, including narcotics and human trafficking, counterterrorism, major incidents and serial crimes.

With complex case management, it is critical to have a common platform to share information on investigations and coordinate efforts between agencies. Join this live webinar to hear how agencies are using SAS and Memex solutions to elevate their investigative case management.

During this webinar, our experts will discuss:

  • Why incident-based solutions do not work for high-profile, complex and long-term investigations.
  • The advantages to a well-coordinated policing effort between partner organizations.
  • The issues caused by trying to integrate homegrown or niche applications.
  • The importance of having intelligence, confidential informant, tips and leads management as an underpinning to a successful case management strategy.

SAS and Memex solutions have been deployed in dozens of fusion centers, state police and major police departments across the US for more than 20 years. Register now to learn how they can help you.


Lt. Dale Peet
Michigan State Police (retired)
During 23 years with MSP, Peet worked as a trooper, detective trooper, detective sergeant, multi-jurisdictional narcotics team leader, post commander and, most recently, the Commander of the Michigan Intelligence Operations Center.

Capt. Steve Serrao
New Jersey State Police (retired)
During 25 years with NJSP, Serrao had assignments in intelligence management and analysis and counterterrorism, and served as the Intelligence Commander and Special Assistant to the Superintendent.

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