If you have SAS 9.4M1, then you've got SAS Studio. And if you have SAS Studio, get ready to say sayonara to only using SAS on your PC desktop/laptop and hello to accessing SAS wherever you want.

You'll learn how to use SAS Studio to write a SAS program, save your results and correct a programming error. You'll also learn to use the Libraries section to save time and even have SAS Studio write a program for you - all via your web browser.

What's so great about SAS® Studio?

  • Availability. SAS Studio allows SAS programmers to submit SAS code from a wide range of devices, from wherever they happen to be.
  • Consistency. Become familiar with the SAS Studio user interface once and use it throughout your career.
  • Assistance. In SAS Studio, SAS code is front and center. To speed development and promote consistent and efficient coding practices, functions similar to SAS® Enterprise Guide® (such as code-generating tasks and auto-complete) are available.

Featured Speakers

Amy Peters
Principal Product Manager,
Technology Direction and Infrastructure

Hired as a SAS instructor in 1987, Amy Peters taught classes and developed courses before taking responsibility for course development and overseeing the overhaul of the curriculum for SAS 7 and SAS 8. For the next 10 years, Peters managed SAS Education's Customer Service Department. She's thrilled to now be in product management, working on keeping Base SAS users happy and making sure SAS administrators have the tools they need to keep SAS environments humming.


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