Does forecasting leave you with more questions than answers?

How many forecasts do we need? What's the difference between forecasts, budgets and targets? How can we eliminate bias and improve accuracy?

It's time for some clarity.

This webcast describes a template – "The Forecasting Mantra" – that identifies all the elements required to achieve sustained, world-class forecasting and planning excellence. Join us to learn how to:

  • Bring together all elements of the forecasting process.
  • Assess and benchmark your forecasting performance.
  • Design a sustainable, world-class forecasting function.
  • Integrate forecasting with key decision-making business processes.

Get a sneak peek of the webinar here:




Martin Joseph, Managing Owner of Rivershill Consultancy
Formally Head of Information Management and Forecasting at AstraZeneca, Joseph was responsible for the global forecasting business processes and systems. He is a regular speaker at – and has chaired a number of – international cross-industry conferences on forecasting and supply chain planning. Joseph is a member of the advisory boards for the Institute of Business Forecasting and Eyeforpharma and is an Associate of Nine-TZ Healthcare Ventures.

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