Why does disruptive innovation seem to take so long? Is there a way to speed up innovation efforts, or should organizations resign themselves to the idea that innovation is a slow process?

Join Scott Anthony, innovation expert, managing partner at Innosight and author of The Little Black Book of Innovation. During this on-demand webinar, he lays out a framework of five steps for getting your ideas from paper to market, faster.

Learn why it's not about tighter deadlines and more frequent check-ins, but instead your ability to:

  1. Form small, focused teams.
  2. Learn about your offering in the market.
  3. Measure learning, not results.
  4. Tie funding to risk reduction, not the calendar.
  5. Ensure decision makers have the right experience to guide the team before the data is clear.

While no guarantee of product success, these steps will enable a team to discover as quickly as possible if there is a viable path forward for a new idea or model.

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