SAS Visual Analytics helps users of all skill levels use powerful analytics to visually explore their data. It's never been easier to find answers to complex questions or identify what's the best action to take. The solution combines in-memory analytics with an extremely visual interface that lets you quickly derive greater value from your data.

In this session, you'll learn how one university president uses SAS Visual Analytics to navigate from dashboard indicators to detailed analyses, allowing her to monitor and understand the key drivers of the university's business performance, such as student success and professor effectiveness.

A demonstration will be given that shows how SAS Visual Analytics lets you quickly and easily create analyses, including:

  • Correlations.
  • Time-series forecasts.
  •  Scenarios/what-if analyses
  •  Key performance indicators.

Featured Speaker

Marc Vaglio-Laurin is a Senior Systems Engineer in the SAS Education division. During his 17 years at SAS, he has gained experience in technical architecture, technical support, channel development, product management, performance management, predictive analytics and big data. 

He earned his MBA from Duke University and is currently working toward a master's in predictive analytics from Northwestern University. Vaglio-Laurin holds SAS Certified Professional credentials in SAS Base Programming, SAS BI Content Development, SAS Data Integration Development, SAS Platform Administration and SAS Visual Analytics.



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