Innovation works for us – and against us. We live and work in a multichannel world, but ironically, how we're using (or not using) this gift of more and better technology may prevent us from creating truly integrated experiences.

This video recording captured Brian Solis' keynote presentation at the 2013 Integrated Marketing Week conference in New York City. Based on his book, What's the Future of Business?, he eloquently links the future of business to the thoughtful attention of creating shared experiences. It is a process of creating value for shareholders and for all stakeholders in the enterprise.

Don’t miss Solis’ important and timely message on how business leaders can use the insights gained from analytics to manage the customer experience and influence positive better outcomes, including how to:  

  • Deliver on your promise every day – the gap between your brand message and what your customers experience is bigger than your realize. 
  • Influence your customer’s expressions – it’s more important than shaping their impressions. 
  • Focus more on designing better, shared experiences and less on managing multichannel marketing campaigns.


Brian SolisBrian Solis, Principal at Altimeter Group and well-known digital analyst; keynote speaker at the 2013 Integrated Marketing Week conference in New York City; best-selling author of What's the Future of Business?  

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