Introducing and implementing new technology can be tedious. Especially in a state like New York, where technology at the 650 school districts is diverse. But leaders at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) were up for the challenge.

Why should you watch?

During this complimentary on-demand webinar, you'll hear directly from the leadership of Technology Based Learning Systems at NYIT and how they effectively integrated SAS® Curriculum Pathways® across the state.

You'll learn:

  • Implementation strategies and key drivers.
  • How the technology works to meet Common Core State Standards.
  • Ways they overcame barriers and challenges in adoption.


Darren FaccilongaDarren J. Faccilonga
Associate Director and Distributed Learning Content Specialist for the Department of Technology Based Learning Systems, New York Institute of Technology
For more than 20 years, Faccilonga has been supporting school districts in need of improvement. He has been involved in comprehensive efforts to turn around and reform the lowest-performing schools utilizing evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning. Faccilonga works with both traditional and electronic means to create optimal learning environments for K-12 classrooms.

Image: Stan SilvermanStan Silverman
Professor, New York Institute of Technology
Silverman combines a physicist's knowledge in technological hardware with a teacher's insight into how it can be applied to enhance learning. Most recently, Silverman directed numerous grant projects. He is the author of several publications concerning technology and education and has served as the project director for research and technology innovation projects funded by a wide variety of organizations.

Image: Deborah GrayDeborah Gray (moderator)
Senior Manager, SAS Curriculum Pathways
Gray oversees curriculum and professional development for SAS Curriculum Pathways. Her work is informed by her own teaching experience, ongoing communication with master teachers, and research of tools, technologies and teaching practices. She advocates for new product resources and features to meet educators' curricular and instructional needs. Gray and her team help prepare educators to integrate digital content into instruction.



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