Marketing is only one influence on revenue, and its performance greatly impacts other functions within an organization. Changes in product offerings, pricing or customer service levels can drastically impact the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

During this on-demand webinar, you'll hear about how building an investment optimization model design changed the thinking of Dell's marketing department. Using this new model, the computer giant's marketers were able to pull out recommendations from their experiences and make the best business decisions by getting the most out of analytics.

Tune in at your convenience and learn: 

  • How setting expectations can make or break an analytics-driven project.
  • Practical guidelines for modeling.
  • The possibilities and limitations of models.
  • Tips for engaging with analysts to arrive at the best decisions.


  • Natalie Kortum is Global Decision Sciences Manager at Dell. Kortum is a results-driven analytics manager delivering compelling innovative work where mathematics and business collide, providing business decision makers with insightful recommendations ofn how to improve their business.
  • Jack Y. Chen is Decision Sciences Manager at Dell. Chen is a "quant" marketer with a PhD in statistics and a passion for finding the right answers to marketing problems with statistical models.

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