The more channels you have for customers to do business with you – the more opportunity there is for everyone involved. But more channels also create the risk of not fully understanding your customers from every angle, or having plenty of customer data but no valuable decision-making knowledge.

This webinar produced by the American Marketing Association (AMA) for SAS describes how digital marketing drives the omnichannel experience by breaking it down into practical approaches that include:

  • Identifying where marketers can specifically affect the customer experience online.
  • Understanding marketing attribution and customer behavior within complex cross-channel situations.
  • Applying best practices for combining digital and offline data for a complete view of the customer.

View this on-demand webinar and you'll understand why personalizing your marketing, reciprocating with your customers and collaborating across channels will drive future success with digital marketing and deliver relevance and consistency both online and offline in real time.


Dave Bilbrough Dave Bilbrough, Solutions Architect, SAS 




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