The evolution of the SAS®9 architecture continues with SAS 9.4! While this release includes features that benefit users at all levels of your organization, this SAS Talks webinar is laser-focused on enhancements and changes that will interest SAS administrators.

Specifically, we'll highlight how the new release reduces your dependence on IT with new management capabilities and administration tools.

  • SAS Environment Manager, a new monitoring and management system for SAS deployments.
  • A metadata server clustering feature that provides redundancy and high availability of the metadata server – a core component of the SAS infrastructure.
  • The deployment backup and recovery tool, which provides an integrated method for backing up and recovering SAS content across multiple tiers and machines.
  • More ways to secure your SAS environment with the inclusion of SAS/SECURE™ with Base SAS and the ability to enforce permissions defined on SAS data with metadata-bound libraries.

Featured Speaker

Amy Peters
Principal Product Manager, Technology Direction and Infrastructure
Worldwide Marketing

Hired as a SAS instructor in 1987, Amy Peters taught classes and developed courses before taking responsibility for course development and overseeing the overhaul of the curriculum for SAS 7 and 8. After managing SAS Education's customer service department, she moved to platform product management, where she works on keeping Base SAS users happy and makes sure SAS administrators have the tools they need to keep SAS environments humming.


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