Credit scoring provides a number of important business benefits – all based on the ability to quickly and efficiently obtain fact-based and accurate predictions of the credit risk of individual applicants or customers.

In this session, you'll learn how to use Credit Scoring for SAS Enterprise Miner, an add-on to the original solution, to build a credit scorecard.

As our presenter demonstrates the process on-screen, topics discussed include:

  • How to interactively bin your data.
  • Building an initial credit scorecard based on accepted applicants.
  • Inferring the results of rejected applicants.
  • Building a final credit scorecard based on the combined data.

Featured Speaker

Laura Ryan is a Product Manager in Predictive Analytics Product Management at SAS.  Her seven years at SAS have included additional roles as an instructor in the education division and a systems engineer in the inside sales division.

Ryan covers application data mining in SAS Enterprise Miner, including credit scoring, survival data mining, time series data mining, incremental response modeling and insurance ratemaking. Her current initiatives include new products under development.


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