Great service in banking used to start with a personable teller greeting customers by name. Today, online volume is twice that of branch volume, and mobile banking is surging in popularity. So how does customer engagement work when most transactions are happening digitally?

In this webinar, Lara Richardson of Wells Fargo and Dave Bilbrough and David Wallace of SAS discuss using analytics to better understand customer needs and behaviors – and to engage them at just the right moments. Their discussion explores:

  • Understanding the trends shaping the financial industry.
  • Timing and tailoring marketing messages and crafting value propositions.
  • Obtaining a full view of the customer across channels and products.
  • Navigating social media and other opportunities for interaction.
  • Tapping structured and unstructured data from multiple sources to inform marketing decisions.

This webinar also features a brief, unique demonstration of real-world data visualization using a bank's data set.


Lara Richardson, e-Business Consultant, Digital Marketing, Wells Fargo
Dave Bilbrough, Digital Marketing Solutions Architect, SAS
Moderator: David Wallace, Global Financial Services Marketing Manager, SAS

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