Evaluating the monetary risk customers pose to a business is nothing new. Predicting it is another story. After all, the customers are out there, sharing their experience about products and services with anyone who is willing to listen. Capturing and analyzing that information can help you determine who is a promoter – and who is a detractor. 

Most corporate risk assessments center on risk factors like liquid capital, debt and business operations or facilities, etc.  But when it comes down to it, what really matters most are: 

  • Customers and their continued patronage.
  • Employees and their knowledge (as well as their work productivity).


Monetizing Promoter Scores and Their Business Impact

With that in mind, this on-demand webinar highlights how to extend the use of promoter score surveys to predict the likelihood of customer loyalty. Learn how to use modeled results and other metrics to evaluate the business impact of migrating customers from one level of promoter category – and how that translates to the bottom line.


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