When SAS and Teradata formed a strategic partnership in 2007, their shared goal was for customers to benefit from the best of both companies' core strengths. The key to pulling this off is deep technical integration between the two technologies.

But how does that work, exactly? How can customers apply SAS capabilities and analytical functions to data stored in Teradata – while exploiting the core parallel processing inherent in Teradata's architecture?

In this session, we'll explore the nuts and bolts of integrating SAS and Teradata, including:

  • Connecting to Teradata with SAS.
  • Calling your favorite SAS PROCs.
  • Bulk-loading to Teradata.
  • Understanding how to "push down" processing.
  • Publishing scoring code to run in-database with SAS Scoring Accelerator.
  • Running the new in-database SAS Data Quality Accelerator for Teradata.

Featured Speaker

Jeff Bailey leads the Enterprise Data Access Technology Product Management group at SAS. He champions SAS/ACCESS® and in-database technologies. Previously, he held positions in the Global Technology Practice, Professional Services, and Research and Development divisions of SAS.

Bailey is a noted expert, educator and frequent speaker on SAS and relational database technology.


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