Mistrust can be a serious problem for organizations. So much has been written about functional biases and misaligned incentives that one wonders how anyone can trust a forecast provider. Fortunately, new research sheds light on the factors that can build or impede trust in forecasting.

In this webinar, Paul Goodwin discusses steps you can take to improve trust and reduce dysfunctional behavior in forecasting. You'll walk away with knowledge of how to eliminate -- or at least minimize -- the element of mistrust in your forecasts. 



Paul Goodwin
Professor of Management Science, University of Bath

Paul Goodwin is a former Director of the International Institute of Forecasters, an Editor of the International Journal of Forecasting and a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Behavioral Decision Making. He has advised companies and government departments on forecasting and decision making.  He also writes a column in Foresight, the International Journal of Applied Forecasting that is aimed at practitioners. He has a master’s in management science and operational research from the University of Warwick and a doctorate in management science from the University of Lancaster.

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