If you're like many manufacturers, you get value from your SAP investment, but you're also looking for more predictive insights. Well, here's the good news. You can use analytics in concert with the SAP systems you already have – to improve your forecasts, shape demand and balance supply constraints.

This webinar will explain how to use advanced analytics to integrate and analyze data from your transactional systems and quickly share results across your business. You'll learn how to wring more value from your supply chain data, while using the same SAP interface you're already familiar with.

Experts from Kellogg's and SAS will share how you can use analytics to:

  • Improve forecasting performance and accuracy.
  • Optimize inventory to reduce the risk of stockouts and inventory holding costs.
  • Integrate forecasting and demand-planning capabilities.  

Expert Presenters

Chad Schumacher
Director of Business Analytics, Kellogg Company

Praveen Arragattu
Solutions Architect, SAS

Thomas Roehm
Senior Business Director, SAS


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