If you're using SAS Enterprise Guide and you're not using custom tasks, you're missing out! Custom tasks are new features you can plug in – features that weren't originally packaged with the software.

Did you know there are dozens of tasks available for you to download and install? These tasks provide all sorts of capabilities, including new analysis and reports, productivity tools for programmers and utilities that help you to manage your projects. Many of these tasks also work with the SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office.

In this session, you'll learn what custom tasks are available and how you can download and install them. You'll also see a few of the tasks in action as part of a live demo. Specific topics include:

  • What are custom tasks, and how are they different from (and similar to) built-in tasks?
  • How to download, install and control access to custom tasks.
  • A quick look at creating your own custom tasks.


Featured Speaker

Chris Hemedinger has been with SAS since 1993. In that time, he has been a writer, a software developer and an R&D manager. He was on the founding team for SAS Enterprise Guide, leading the development team for 10 years.

Today, Hemedinger is a principal technical architect in SAS® Professional Services® (also known as "consulting"). He is also coauthor of the popular SAS for Dummies book and writes The SAS Dummy blog at http://blogs.sas.com/sasdummy. He's also a frequent participant on the SAS Enterprise Guide discussion forum.

You can read more on Hemedinger's author page. His newest book is Creating Custom Tasks for SAS Enterprise Guide using Microsoft .NET .


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