Customer-driven quality – if you're not focused on it, consumers aren't going to focus on you. At least not how you want them to. Because what happens when product quality problems hit consumers? Your brand gets bruised by negative comments in online and social channels.

This webcast explains how to avoid getting lost in the minutiae of individual, isolated quality programs – and how a collaborative, customer-driven approach to quality will help you focus what’s most important:  making products that consumers are happy with.

Tune in to hear how you can spot product defects earlier and prioritize issues that really matter to consumers.

Customer-Driven Quality – What You Should Know

  • What you're missing by relying on traditional, isolated quality programs.
  • How customer-driven quality expands the voice of the customer across your organization.
  • How to tap into customer feedback, integrate systems and help different departments work together to solve quality problems.
  • Why big data analytics, cloud, social and mobile technologies will make customer-driven quality critical to your brand and business.


Bob Parker
Vice President of Research
IDC Manufacturing Insights



David Froning
Principal Product Manager



Niels Lundsgaard
Industry Consultant




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