For years, manufacturers have stayed at arm’s length from their end-user customers. Sure, they’ve used distribution channels to interact with and understand the people using their products.  But new technologies are sparking different ways of thinking about brands, quality and product innovation. And they’re bringing manufacturers even closer to their customers.

In this webcast, our panel will explore:

  • Why manufacturers are more interested in consumer relationships than in the past.
  • How new technologies – mobile, cloud, big data analytics and social media – are coalescing around this interest.
  • How your consumer-centric strategies stack up with the competition. 

How to Win with Customer Analytics and the 3rd Platform

Learn how manufacturers are using analytics and the new technology shift (the 3rd Platform) to their advantage. And hear how they're winning with more targeted campaigns, optimal marketing spend and new product development.

  • Deepen customer insight. Understand customer conversations, buying habits and preferences to predict behaviors and see how social media affects marketing.
  • Choreograph customer interactions. Deliver an appropriate offer – at the right time, via the right channel, including mobile.
  • Improve marketing performance. Identify your most profitable customers and the best way to allocate marketing resources.


  • Bob Parker, Group Vice President, IDC Manufacturing Insights
  • Phil Hussey, President and Managing Partner, 89 Degrees
  • Wilson Raj, Director of Global Customer Intelligence, SAS


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