Think about the data you use today and how you make decisions. How will you use it in the future? How should your business adapt and take advantage of new technologies and business processes? Will you be a leader or fall behind?

This webcast explores how new realities are transforming manufacturers from IT laggards into IT innovators.

Information technology is changing in many ways that are daunting to identify, let alone keep track of. Mobile, social, cloud and big data analytics – these technologies will affect your manufacturing business in ways that we have only started to understand. How you access, integrate and analyze data – it’s all about to change.  The big question is, “Are you ready?"

Better Information Management, Better Decisions

Learn about the role of new technologies and how you can use them to make better decisions.

  • What is the 3rd Platform (defined by IDC Manufacturing Insights), and how will it change manufacturing IT?
  • How are cloud and virtualization changing your competitive landscape? How should you prepare now?
  • How will improvements in forecasting accuracy result in a more resilient supply chain?

Information Management Experts

  • Bob Parker, Group Vice President, IDC Manufacturing Insights
  • Madhu Nair, Senior Marketing Manager, SAS
  • Robby Powell, SAS Senior Product Marketing Manager

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