This on-demand webinar will walk you through the value of in-database analytics and how you can take advantage of this innovation.

Learn What's New with SAS® In-Database Analytics for Teradata

We've enabled in-database analytics to publish and score data models with SAS/STAT®, maximizing your investment and dramatically improving the performance of executing advanced analytics within an integrated architecture.

Tho Nguyen of Teradata and Bill MacKrell of SAS outline the advantages, including:

  • Better performance, enhanced data governance and accelerated deployment by applying the analytics where the data resides.
  • More streamlined, efficient, end-to-end processes to ease updates, auditing and performance monitoring within an integrated environment.
  • Accelerated insights to apply to your daily operations.

They provide real-world examples, including one bank's reduction in data modeling and deployment time from months to days – while analyzing all of its available data rather than just a small sampling.


Tho Nguyen Bill MacKrell
Tho Nguyen
Director of Integrated Solutions
Teradata-SAS Partnership Program
Bill MacKrell
Senior Solutions Architect



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