Organizations collect huge amounts of text-based information daily. Customer feedback, emails, Web documents, blogs, Twitter feeds, warranty claims, surveys, research studies, client notes, competitive intelligence … the list goes on.

No one has time to read it all, much less classify the content into common themes, or make sense of the essential information!

Thanks to a few new features and functions available in the latest release of SAS® Text Miner, it's easier than ever to maximize the value buried deep in your text data.

In this session, you'll hear details on the latest SAS Text Miner 12.1 product enhancements, including a new text modeling node and tighter integration with other text analytics capabilities.

Featured Speaker

Fiona McNeill has been with SAS for more than 14 years. She oversees the global marketing for SAS Text Analytics, driving the marketing direction and translating enhancements to business needs.

During her time at SAS, McNeill has helped organizations derive tangible benefits from their strategic use of technology. In addition to her work with a wide range of industries, she has defined product strategy and corporate relationships.

McNeill holds a master's degree in behavioral geography from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada.

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