Are you running out of gas with your current hardware infrastructure for SAS applications? Are you hoping to ensure consistency and shorten run times of SAS jobs or guarantee availability of a SAS environment? Do you wish you could schedule SAS workflows based on time and file events?

SAS Grid Computing is coming to your rescue in this live webinar!

We'll discuss how you can use it with other SAS products, including Base SAS, SAS/STAT®, SAS® Enterprise Guide®, SAS Data Integration, and SAS® Enterprise Miner™. You'll learn how various SAS applications running in a SAS Grid Computing environment can help you:

  • Gain flexibility with dynamic workload balancing to meet changing business demands.
  • Create a highly available SAS computing environment.
  • Accelerate time to results using existing IT infrastructure.
  • Incrementally grow computing resources in a cost-effective manner.

Featured Speakers

Tapan Patel
Global Product Marketing Manager, High-Performance Analytics

With more than 13 years in the enterprise software market, Tapan Patel leads product marketing for predictive analytics and data mining as well as high-performance analytics, in-database and grid computing. He works closely with customers, partners, analysts, press and media, and thought leaders to ensure that SAS continues to deliver high-value solutions to meet customer needs worldwide. 

Prior to joining SAS, Patel worked as a Senior Product Manager and Market Research Analyst at HAHT Commerce Inc. Before that, he worked in product and project management roles at Core Healthcare Limited.

Steve Sober
Principal Solutions Architect
High-Performance Analytics Practice

Steven Sober empowers the SAS Americas sales and consulting forces in the positioning and integration of SAS Grid Manager. During his tenure at SAS, he has used his previous experience in sales management and R&D to help customers throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia quickly integrate SAS.

Before joining SAS in 1989, Sober worked for the US Geological Survey, Water Resources Division, assisting hydrologists by using SAS to derive intelligence on ground and surface water in southern Colorado

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